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Frequently Asked Questions

At Twenty-Two Virtual Desk, we understand that navigating the world of virtual assistance may raise some questions. To make your journey with us as smooth as possible, we've compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide you with insights into our services and processes.

What is a Virtual Assistant, and how can they help me?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional who provides administrative and support services remotely. They can assist with tasks such as email management, scheduling, data entry, research, and more, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

How do I communicate with my assigned Virtual Assistant?

Communication is seamless! You can communicate with your Virtual Assistant via their company email, instant messaging, or video conferencing. We tailor our communication methods to suit your preferences and ensure effective collaboration.

How are your Virtual Assistants selected and trained?

Our Virtual Assistants undergo a rigorous selection process and possess diverse skills and experiences. We provide continuous training to keep them updated on the latest tools and technologies, ensuring they meet the high standards set by Twenty-Two Virtual Desk.

What services do you offer at Twenty-Two Virtual Desk?

We offer a comprehensive range of virtual assistance services, including administrative support, calendar management, email correspondence, data entry, research, and more. Our goal is to streamline your workload and enhance your productivity.

Is there a minimum commitment period for your services?

Yes, there's a 3 month minimum commitment period. But we offer flexibility to meet your unique needs. Whether you need short-term assistance or ongoing support, we're here to help.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available?

Yes! We occasionally offer special promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest offers and enjoy exclusive benefits.

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